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Hey max ? go Brooklyn

Sam on ?Oz?
If I were to rate the movie, Oz the Great and Powerful, I would give it a 2.5 because it did not match up with the Wizard of Oz. No ruby slippers, I mean in the Wizard of Oz there was ruby slippers and how did the witch get the shoes. Also the witch’s minions […]

Alex on OZ
I give OZ 2 1/2 stars because…………… First of all it was sooooooo long we got to the theater at  6:20PM and it wasn’t finished until 9PM.  Another reason is it was missing things such as ruby slippers, where was the wicked witch of the east going to live to get crushed by Dorthy’s house, there […]

Daddy on OZ
I give the OZ movie 1 stars … it was almost a waste of time. and here is why: First the movie was way to long. We got in the theater at 6:20 and it wasn’t done until 9PM. That is a long time and I am not sure that it was necessary to be […]

A Christmas Poem
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way I got three Bells, 3 kid bells, who really like to play they dance and sing they hug and cling they sing some songs they do no wrongs they drive me crazy and oh are they lazy but I love them so thought you should know. The […]

My favorite sport
My favorite sport is gymnastics. there is vault, bars, beam, and floor exercise. my favorite is………bars! whats your favorite sport? Other than gymnastics i like soccer. to coach soccer with my daddy.

The boardwalk
Do you like the boardwalk?Well I went to the boardwalk 1 day. (yesterday 5/26/12) and it was awesome!!!

Max?s Pictures
An album of Max Pictures:

California ( I learned a little because of School!)
the state capital is Sacramento. the largest state is LA. California became a state on September 9, 1850. some places  are Disney Underground under Disneyland. The Queen Mary has the biggest best brunch ever! It was one of the first cruise lines. William Hearst (Hearst castle) was so rich he built a castle on top […]

my favorite sport
My favorite sport is… gymnastics. I was just born to jump on my head. The thing I hate most about gymnastics is back-handsprings. They just get harder and harder. You start with one then you start doing fulls, (you spin while you flip) they just are so hard. The thing I truly love most is […]